Build Pro Lite

Build Pro LT helps to automate and manage the all the construction
& advanced enterprise technologies with decades of construction
industry experience into one, integrated system.

Build Pro LT provides single platform to collaborate with Project management, construction materials, Project planning, Work force with easy integration in Web and mobile applications.

Build Pro LT also incorporates document, content, and construction process management capabilities to:

  • Capture all business content
  • Streamline Operations
  • Optimize Project Management
  • Automate multi-location, multi-project, and inter-project activities.
  • Integrated Management Tools
  • Curbs Operational Costs
  • Customizable to Business Needs
  • Real Time Project Tracking

Why Build Pro Lite?

Project Organization

  • Client:

  • AES:

SPOC (Single Point of Contact)

  • Overall Owner for the Implementation Project (Client)
  • Coordinate All Resources for Implementation Activities
  • Updates to Client Senior Management
  • Oversee All Phases of The Project on Daily Basis
  • Weekly Meetings with AES

Process Champions

  • Represent a Functional Area or Department
  • One per Functional Area or Department
  • Make Decisions About To-Be Business Processes
  • Review and Approve SOW for Respective Functional Area or Department

IT Coordinator

  • Responsible for IT Environment
  • Procurement and Implementation of Required Hardware and Software

Key Users

  • Experienced Users From Functional Area or Department
  • Communicate Existing and To-Be Business Processes to AES
  • Participate in Core User Training
  • Perform User Acceptance Testing

End Users

  • Users of the New ERP System
  • Participate in End User Training
  • Report Any Issues to Key Users and/or SPOC